Daily Occupancy and Prevention Centre


Daily Occupancy and Prevention Centre

The project Daily Occupancy and Prevention Centre is an ongoing project and in progress since 2003. The project idea was born after the analysis of social support needs and the ambitions of adapting effective intervention strategies to help socially challenged families and their children.

The Daily Occupancy and Prevention Centre offers health and social skills training programs. They organise free meals. They offer pedagogical homework preparation assistance and assistance in dealing with learning difficulties. They are actively engaged in intense work with the child's family. They organize the classes on the prevention of addictions and violence, self-cognition, expression of feelings and emotions, artistic skills. They apply conflict resolution and communication group therapy. They organize wide-ranging leisure activities: sports events, outings, camping, and hiking.

In 2008, the Daily Occupancy and Prevention Centre has provided a significant psychological and social assistance for 34 children and their families. Children have improved family relationships, school attendance, school performance and self-confidence. They are protected from damaging street influence, are engaged in purposeful leisure activities, participate in sports and cultural events.

Dienos užimtumo ir prevencijos centras

Project sponsors:

Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė www.vilnius.lt

Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerija www.socmin.lt

Project partners:

Vilniaus Fabijoniškių vidurinė mokykla,

Vilniaus pedagoginis universitetas.

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