While using drugs, an individual losses not only the material and social, but also the spiritual values: friendliness and trust of surrounding people, personal openness, self-esteem and confidence. While experiencing spiritual emptiness and personal dependence on the overwhelming psychotropic substances, the person often reaches a stage when he starts to feel lonely, useless, wasted, unimportant, and loses his hope. It is therefore very important that people who are living in such a situation would come into the human environment in which they are provided a full-fledged specialized assistance. The social rehabilitation institution becomes such a place.

Children and Youth Rehabilitation and Integration Centre provides comprehensive long-term social and psychological rehabilitation services for children and young people affected by drugs, and their families.

Persons suffering from dependence on psychotropic substances and resulting disorders learn new, socially acceptable patterns of conduct, in other words, behavioural therapies, during their social rehabilitation. Behavioural therapy includes counselling, individual and group psychotherapy, support groups, working with the family.

Children and Youth Rehabilitation and Social Integration Centre provides patients with temporary accommodation services: they organise meals 4 times per day is, apply work and rest periods, conduct workshops of therapeutic self-evaluation, social and professional communication skills, artistic expression activities, organize rich leisure and weekends activities.

Children and young people involved in the programme of Children and Youth Rehabilitation and Social Integration Centre are helped to acquire basic and secondary education, the right choice of a future profession, focus on the labour market, acquiring the necessary profession and skills.

Motivation Department of Victims of Psychoactive Substance Use: patients' diagnostic evaluation, identification of socio-psychological and pedagogical assistance needs and application of appropriate rehabilitation programs, outpatient psychiatric care; social legal advice.